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Love Was Never Mine takes its readers on a journey through the lives of Rahul and Shreya, and paints a picture of their relationship. Rahul is a fresh graduate who has just landed on his dream job. An average-looking guy with all the dreams and ambitions that describes every regular young man, Rahul’s easy and complacent life is upset by his meeting with Shreya. Although he doesn’t believe in love at first sight, he falls for the beautiful Shreya during their first meeting. Shreya is everything that Rahul is not. She is extremely good looking, obsessed with her appearance, smart, and very materialistic in her views. She already has a boyfriend, but that does not come in the way of Rahul’s love for her. He goes out of his way to help her and she utilises him and his willingness to do things to her advantage. Rahul believes in destiny and is firmly convinced that the universe helps a person if he wants something wholeheartedly. The book goes on to describe the further events in Rahul’s life, and whether his love will be reciprocated, or would it go unrequited. The novel is structured as a series of events that seem to be bound by fate, working towards the final outcome. Set in a corporate background, this story is told from the point of view of an average young man who falls for a glamorous girl whom he has little hope of attracting.

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Book Title:-Love Was Never Mine

Author:-Kunal Bhardwaj

ISBN 13:-9788122311846

ISBN 10:-8122311849



Publication date:-2011-10

Publisher:-Pustak Mahal

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