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This title can be used as a textbook for university level courses around the world. It gives a detailed and systematic presentation of wide ranging topics of interest in modern physics molecular spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, statistical physics, solid state physics, lasers, holography, optical fibers, semi-conductors, super conductivity, etc. Each chapter contains important mathematical steps required to grasp a thorough understanding of each topic, and case studies of recent advances in each field are included to give the reader new world applications to the theory. Pedagogical features to enhance easy learning include work-through problems, objective questions and short question and answer exercises. 'Modern Physics' will prove to be an excellent course text for undergraduates and a handy reference for teachers, academics and researchers. Contents:- Part A Atomic and Basics of Quantum Physics 1. Special Theory of Relativity. 2. Atomic Structure of Matter. 3. Alkali Spectra, Space Quantization and Periodicity. 4. Molecular Spectra. 5. X Rays. 6. Origin of Quantum Theory, Wave Mechanic Concepts and Uncertainty Principle. 7. Schrodinger Wave Equation and Principles of Quantum Mechanics. 8. Simple Applications of Quantum Mechanics and One Dimensional Energy Eigen Value Problems 9. Central Potential Problems, Hydrogen Atom and Rigid Rotator. 10. Harmonic Oscillator (vibrational motion of a particle). 11. Orbital angular momentum and spin. 12. Statistical Physics Part B Basics of Solid State 1. Crystal Structure and Defects. 2. Crystal Bonding. 3. Band Theory of Solids. 4. Phonons and Thermal Properties of Solids. 5. Free Electron Theory of Metals. 6. Electrical Conductivity. 7. Magnetism. 8. Super Conductivity. 9. Semi Conductors. 10. Lasers. 11. Optical Fibres

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Book Title:-Modern Physics

Author:-S. L. Kakani

ISBN 13:-9788130900391

ISBN 10:-8130900394



Publication date:-2009

Publisher:-Viva Books

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