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This book examines the major developments in nuclear and particle physics that have taken place in the past few years and provides an up-to-date view of the field in a compact form. The study of nuclei is placed in its proper relation with the subject of subatomic particles. Relationships with the underlying quark substructure of nucleons and the fundamental interactions between the elementary building blocks of nuclei are emphasized providing an outstanding introduction to the field.

The text offers a concise coverage of nuclear and particle physics in a lucid yet uncomplicated manner. Each chapter contains a wide range of worked-out problems. At the end of each chapter a number of review questions and exercises are provided so that the book may also be useful for upper level courses.

Nuclear properties, decay, structure and reactions are covered initially, followed by discussions of nuclear forces, B-decay, and elementary particles and their interactions.


1. The Nucleus - Rutherford's Theory of Alpha Particle Scattering - Chadwick's Method of Measure the Charge on the Nucleus - General Characteristics of Atomic Nuclei in the Ground States 2. Radioactivity 3. Nuclear Decay 4.Nuclear Forces and Two Body Problem 5. Nuclear Structure and Models 6. Nuclear Reactions (Interactions) 7. Neutron Physics and Nuclear Energy 8. Experimental Techniques 9. Elementary Particles and Particle Physics 10. Cosmic Rays

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Book Title:-Nuclear and Particle Physics

Author:-Shubhra Kakani

ISBN 13:-9788130924175

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Publication date:-2013-12-01

Publisher:-Viva Books

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