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Sita's curse is the story of meera patel, who portrays the role of a suppressed and abused indian woman, who is forced to sacrifice her needs and desires to appease the society around her. From a very young age, in the indian society, girls are taught only to follow but never to lead. Grow up, marry and serve your husband loyally: that is the thinking of many. But no more. As seen in the book, a woman can hold on her desires both emotionally and physically only for so long and she will break away from the chains that bind her against her will.sita's curse is divided into two parts. The first part tells you about the life of meera patel as a daughter to her family, while the second part tells you about her life as wife. Meera is born into gujarati family and has a twin brother called kartik. As expected of twins, meera and kartik spend most of their time together, understand each other the best and care and love each other very much. But people change and meera is left emotionally scarred by her own brother. Even after marriage, meera finds no respite, from the indifferent lover that his her husband. Meera is left wanting for more, emotionally and physically, and yearns to break away from the daily routine that is her life. When given the chance to seize her dreams and hopes, she takes it gladly, only to be left devastated, when fate interferes.the book was published in 2014 by hachette india and is available in paperback. Key features: a book that shows the hypocrisy of the indian society.a book that depicts the journey of a woman on fulfilling her hopes, desires and dreams fulfilled.

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Book Title:-Sita's Curse

Author:-Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

ISBN 13:-9789350097809

ISBN 10:-935009780X



Publication date:-2014

Publisher:-Hachette India

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