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When the Chandravanshi emperor Arjun begins expanding his empire to cover the entire world, the Asurs hit back with an insidious plan. Caught in the crossfire is Raam, the son of Rishi Yamdagni and scion of the Bhargava clan. Will the machinations of the Asur, Naga and Urag tribes affect the Brahmin boy and his family? Will the political intrigues of Nabhi-varsh let Bhargava Raam find his destiny, or push him towards a future he never envisioned? This is the story of a man who rose to the level of divinity to establish a fair and just society; the story of the making of a legend...


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Dr Vineet Aggarwal is a doctor by qualification, manager by profession and artist by temperament. Born in a family of doctors, he successfully completed an initial stint with the family occupation before deciding to venture into pharmaceutical management. He pursues writing as a passion and is an avid travel photographer as well.

His literary repertoire extends from politics to poetry and travel to terrorism but his favourite genre remains the amalgamation of science and mythology. He is the author of the popular online blogs Decode Hindu Mythology and Fraternity Against Terrorism and Extremism. Vishwamitra was his debut novel. This is his second book.



It was a pleasant, sunny day in Kailash when its residents returned from a visit to Brahmalok.

Lord Brahma, the First Mortal Being of the universe had stepped into the fifty-first year of his life, officially hitting middle age and there had been a huge celebration in his honour. All his offspring, including the four Kumars, the ten Manas-putras, the Devas, Asurs and Pitris were present with their spouses, children and extended families to make Brahma feel special, and he deserved every

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Book Title:-The Legend Of Parshuram

Author:-Dr Vineet Aggarwal

ISBN 13:-9780143423454

ISBN 10:-0143423452



Publication date:-2015

Publisher:-Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.

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